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COVID-19 Policies

We love to help our clients find their dream homes and sell the homes that are no longer quite right for them. In order to do this in a manner that is safe for them, our agents and the community, we've added some additional precautions. 
Now, more than ever, we know Sellers don't want to have a lot of extra people coming into their homes. To help minimize unnecessary showings and attract the most qualified buyers, we are now featuring 360º virtual tours and custom floor plans, in addition to our top-quality photography, on every VIBE listing. Contact us to learn more about how we make sure all VIBE listings stand out from the crowd. 



Listing Policy

Policy Statement: All listings are to be done in accordance with the safety guidelines set forth by the CDC and MNR. 

Purpose: At VIBE Realty, the health and safety of our agents and clients is taken very seriously, therefore, we will take every measure possible to protect them.

  • Provide photos, guided videos, Matterport and floor plans in order pre-screen showing
  • Be sure Showing Time is set up so overlapping showings are not allowed
  • Showings can be limited to qualified buyers only (All buyers would need to be asked for prequalification letters in order to avoid possible discrimination) 
  • Post exterior door sign requesting precautions are taken
  • Lights should be turned on and interior doors should be open before a scheduled showing
  • Provide shoe coverings and gloves at the entrance of the home along with a waste basket

Showing Policy

Policy Statement: All showings shall be conducted in accordance with the following safety procedures set forth by the CDC and MNR, effective immediately and until further notice.

Purpose: To ensure the safety of our clients, agents, buyers and their families through the implementation of the following safety procedures. 

Before Conducting Physical Showings 

  • Limit your showings until the consumer expresses interest and prioritize virtual showings and other non-person-to-person activities
  • Utilize the virtual tours and photos available to pre-screen homes you personally visit
  • Be mindful of high-risk populations such as the elderly and immunocompromised individuals. This group is better served through virtual activities
  • Licensees will inquire with clients who want to view a property that they are not sick, have not traveled to other countries, or come in contact with someone with the virus. You must ask every client/customer these questions to avoid potentially violating discrimination laws
  • Anyone that shows signs of illness such as sneezing, cough, or fever will not attend the viewing, including the agent(s). Note however, that this disease can be spread by individuals who have COVID-19 but do not have symptoms


During Physical Showings 

  • Each agent is supplied a safety kit. Each kit includes disposable gloves, shoe covers, a mask, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes and garbage bags
  • When feasible, request sellers to switch all lights on for a showing and for them to be left on until they arrive
  • Limit the number of guests and allow only the prospective buyer(s) to enter the home. No additional guests or family members
  • Drive in separate vehicles to the properties
  • Implement social distancing – six feet apart – at all times with the clients or customers
  • Before entering the home, the agent will put on gloves, mask and shoe covers. Shoe covers will also be provided for the clients
  • Hand sanitizer should be used before putting on gloves 
  • Masks will go on before entering the home (see included document for mask wear and care instructions) 
  • Booties will be put on over your shoes as you and your client are entering the home
  • Keep clients and customers in sight as they view the home and accompany them room by room
  • Agents will open all doors for clients, switch on/off lights and open appliances or cabinet doors
  • Agents will ask their clients not to touch anything in the home. “Hands in your pocket” rule


Before You Leave a Physical Showing

  • All booties go in a garbage bag
  • Remove gloves using the included CDC guidelines (See included instructions)


Protocol for Listings

  • Guided videos or Matterport 360 technology will be added to photography orders (cost covered by VIBE)
  • No overlapping showings will be allowed. Showing Time will be set up accordingly
  • No Open Houses shall be held
  • If client desires to limit showings to pre-qualified buyers only, then no showings shall be allowed without receipt of pre-qualification letter for that listing
  • Exterior signage with safety protocols must be displayed at the front door/entrance to property (signage attached)
  • Seller or Listing Agent shall turn all lights on and open all interior doors prior to a scheduled showing
  • Shoe coverings shall be provided at the entrance with waste basket for disposal


Purchase Agreements

  • Clients need to be strongly advised to include the COVID-19 addendum put forth by the MNR in their purchase agreements when in their best interest