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Unique Closing Gift Idea: Throw Your Client A Housewarming Party!

Posted by on Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019 at 12:03pm.

Agents, take note! This closing gift is a major winner! 

When Dan came to me and told me his idea of throwing a housewarming party for his client as a closing gift, my first thought was -- holy cow, this guy gets it!

Dan had worked with Carrie* (not her name) for years, selling her home last year and helping her land her dream home this spring. They have the kind of relationship agents dream of so it made sense that Dan and his husband Paul would do something very personal for Carrie’s closing gift.

If you know Dan and Paul, you know it makes total sense that they would get excited about throwing a party. I mean, they are the life of the party! And they love hosting. So getting to do something special for their client -- i.e. throwing her an intimate housewarming party -- was perfectly in line with their personalities. 

Dan and I both agree -- this type of closing gift won’t work with every client! But when the connection is right, it can be a total game-changer. 

Here’s how to make a housewarming party into a closing gift.

Set a budget.

This will be different for everyone. Dan and Paul looked at this party as not only a way to celebrate Carrie and her new home but also a way to market themselves. They set a budget they were comfortable with and then figured out how to work within those parameters.

Work with client to set guest list.

Dan and Paul gave Carrie the freedom to invite anyone she wanted to the housewarming party. We sent out about 40 email invitations and close to everyone showed up!

Design invite and plan out how to collect RSVPs.

Because of Dan’s schedule, I sent out the invites and cc’ed Dan on all of them. But I asked the invitees to RSVP to Dan. Which most of them didn’t do. Next time, it would make more sense to have the agent send out the emails so the replies go right back to where they need to be.

Collaborate with client on menu.

Carrie wanted to make sure her guests knew they could come and go whenever they wanted. Small bites and finger foods made the most sense to fit with that style.

Dan and Paul did a great job of picking out delicious, beautiful recipes that worked well for a casual, open house style event.

Order or make food.

If you like to cook and have the time to do it, why not give it a try? If you would rather throw money at the problem, look for a catering or delivery service near the home to make everything easier the day of the event.

Arrange drinks.

Personally, I like to cover all of my bases when it comes to drinks at a party. A couple of wines, beer, maybe a signature cocktail and then plenty of delicious non-alcoholic options -- especially if there are going to be a lot of kids, make sure to have caffeine-free options. Parents will love you for that one.

Set clear understanding of what agents will do for the party (i.e. set up, cleaning, etc).

You’re not throwing a rager. But there should be an understanding of who will be responsible for what on the day of the event. Offer to come early to help set up and stay late to help clean up.

Pray for good weather.

Did your client just move into a home with a beautiful backyard? Show it off! But then have a plan in place if Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate. Where will the guests be hanging out? Do you have enough chairs for that arrangement? Back-up plans are key to throwing a great event and showing your client your level of commitment to their event.

Communicate final details to client.

I sent Carrie an update on the event RSVPs about ten days before the event and Dan and Paul were very open with her about everything they had been arranging on their end. Make sure you have a list of everything you’ll need and communicate with your client what they might be responsible for -- meaning, using their wine glasses or silverware. 

Have a great time!

Important to note: Dan has two more housewarming parties lined up with his clients and I can’t wait to share more info about those as soon as they happen!



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