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Something Old, Something New

Posted by VIBE Realty on Tuesday, March 14th, 2023 at 1:26pm.

Tom Ellis and Scott Griesbach are the owners of Aesthetic Home Interiors, just down the road on Selby from our VIBE offices. One of our core tenants at VIBE is supporting our community, and what better way than asking Tom and Scott to share some of their thoughts on decorating for SPRING! Make sure to stop by their spring pop-up event March 24-26 to score some unique spring decor items and browse custom furniture.

Something Old. Something New. Something Borrowed. Something Blue.

We’re using this familiar phrase as an inspiration for a fresh home design. Spring is one of our favorite seasons and provides you a great opportunity to update your space. So let’s get refreshing, shall we?

Step 1: Look at the OLD. Start by looking at your home with a critical eye, or have a trusted friend help you with a gentle critique. What things are must-keep items that you can’t possibly part with? It can be because you totally love them, or they have major sentimental connections, or they are simply so beautiful that they have to stay. But do they work in that space? Is there another location where they could also work well, or even better? What if you move those items or, at least, move them around? Now is a good time to repurpose things that have other uses, donate what you can, take photos if you must (and then off-load).


Step 2: Bring in something NEW. Do an inventory of your room and make sure the purpose is really what you want it to be. Can that console table also serve as a desk? Do you have a corner where a small bar cart could be placed? Can that shelf be moved to serve as a room divider? NEW also can mean moving something from another space in your house, or switching two pieces so they both work better. Or new can be heading to your favorite home décor store to see what has been added for spring. And remember…AH Interiors is having our Spring Pop Up sale on March 24-26!

Step 3: Let’s BORROW an item or two. Do you and a friend each have something the other would love to possess? Can you trade for a few months to see if it works? Or does a family member have something they’re not using at the moment that you could try? Maybe it’s a basement cast-off that you could slipcover or paint to bring it new life. Creativity counts here.

Step 4: Singing the BLUES. Your furniture should be both beautiful and comfortable, and create a calm and peaceful environment for you during this chaotic time in the world. We’re loving all things blue and green right now, because those colors represent open spaces, inspiration, nature, fresh perspective, sincerity, mood boosting, confidence, and stress reducing. You can punch up your décor by adding blue and green through pillows, plants and flowers, artwork, rugs, and spring blankets (for chilly nights).

At AH Interiors, we can help you create the vision for your home and source unique or bespoke pieces to bring you the aesthetic you are seeking. Let us help you fill in the gaps with our Spring Pop Up Event on March 24-26! Check out our website or Instagram to get the details. See you there!

Tom Ellis & Scott Griesbach

AH Interiors
541 Selby Avenue
St. Paul

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