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Q&A With DIY Extraordinaires @therehablife

Posted by VIBE Realty on Friday, January 14th, 2022 at 9:42am.

Over the past few years we have seen interior design trends make some big shifts - partly due to needs changing during the pandemic. We see people tackling home renovation projects they have always really wanted to do, and have seen a strong need for more space, or more multi-use spaces.

We reached out to our friends and DIY extraordinaires (no really, they are incredible), JP and Liz, over at @therehablife and asked them what they have seen change over the past year, and what trends they are most excited about in 2022.

Photo Courtesy of @therehablife


What trends do you see fading out as we head into 2022?

Goodbye gray! (hopefully). Gray walls with white trim and all white kitchens can still be stunning, but if they're not balanced with warmer accents, like warm toned wood floors and some elements of texture and color, it can feel very cold. With so much time spent at home, people are wanting to embrace a more cozy vibe.  


What emerging interior design trends are you most excited about and interested in?

We love to embrace warmth and natural elements.  It's exciting to see interiors trending in this direction, with soapstone countertops, arched windows and doors, and rough-hewn beams. 

Plants have also become central elements of home decor, and we're here for it. They add a pop of color, and help to detoxify the air, a win-win.

We're loving the complete 180 embrace of dark and moody hues. When paired with natural light during the day, and soft warm light bulbs in the evening, this style can be super inviting.

Wallpaper has been making a comeback in a big way and we love the texture and interest it adds to a space. 

We think gold fixtures will stick around for the near future, as they pair so well with the other design element trends we're seeing. 


Do people still want open concept homes or have you seen a shift back to more structured spaces?

I don't think we'll ever go back to the completely closed off kitchens of the past. This is still a natural gathering space and people want it to be inviting and flow into other areas of the home. 

However, the ultra open-concept that we've been seeing is beginning to become more structured. A kitchen may have a seating area, or cozy breakfast nook, but a separate dining room. A cozy den with dark walls and a fireplace can be a welcome retreat from the hustle and bustle of a kitchen with an open concept living space directly off of it.  


Do you see the pandemic having a lasting impact on how people view their homes and spaces?

Absolutely! We don't know about you, but pretty much all of our friends and family who have office jobs are loving the flexibility of a work from home option.

We see an office area or multi-use space as essential in home designs for the future.

Work spaces for children are becoming a priority, whether that is a built-in-counter and shelves in a finished basement, or a dedicated space in the kitchen, parents want to be prepared for the inevitable distance learning days.

We are also seeing a wonderful embrace of the indoor outdoor living space! People want and need to see friends and family, but not everyone feels comfortable doing this indoors so they're ramping up their patios, screened in porches, and even modifying their garages to make a community gathering spot!  


What's your biggest piece of advice for someone looking to spruce up their space but feel overwhelmed or don't know where to start? 

It's easy to see all of the perfectly curated homes on social media and think that you have to overhaul your whole space. Instead, we encourage you to think about the ways in which your current space is NOT working for you. 

Are you a burgeoning home chef who feels held back by a kitchen that no longer functions well as your creative space? Have you embraced home fitness for the long haul but your weights are taking over the living room? Do you love to be outside, but feel like your backyard lacks character?

Once you identify your needs, then go to pinterest, instagram, and home design/landscaping  magazines to draw inspiration for those specific spaces. Consulting with a designer is also a great option!  

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