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Our New Years Resolutions

Posted by VIBE Realty on Friday, December 20th, 2019 at 1:24pm.

2019 was a year for the books! Between working with incredible clients who have turned into close friends, to growing our team with knowledgable agents here at VIBE - we couldn't be more grateful for all that this past year has brought us. As we head towards 2020, we've been reflecting on areas for improvement, strength, and personal growth. Check out the New Year's Resolutions from our team below, and feel free to share your resolution with us as well!




Resolution: "To volunteer more often with my children, and to teach them to give back."

"2020! Before I had children, I was insistent to myself that I would make sure they learned to give back at an early age. I wanted them to understand that there is always a place to help and lend a hand or an ear. I wanted them to understand that money is not the only thing needed but also a kind heart. Time has flown by and although they participate in similar activities through Girl Scouts and other avenues through their school, I have not done as much as I set out to almost 10 years ago after bringing Giabella and Emiliana into this world. Life gets busy and taking opportunities to not only spend quality time with my kids, but also using these opportunities as important teaching moments have fallen to the wayside. My New Years resolution is to volunteer at least 4 times in 2020 with my girls simply to put smiles on other people’s faces."


Resolution: "Say yes to more things that feed my soul."

"My New Years Resolution for 2020, is to say yes to more things that feed my soul! This is the year for more parties, dinner dates, work outs, events, walks with friends. 2020 is all about connecting to myself and others."



Resolution: "Get my studio in working order and become a maker once again."

"With the major renovations on the Matilda house here in Saint Paul, I have totally neglected my ceramics roots. My first personal goal is to get my studio in working order and become a maker once again. I have already begun to make this a reality, am excited to keep pushing and can’t wait to unload my first kiln in 2020. Going full circle on the renovations, my second goal for this coming year is to get a new home project once Matilda is finished up. It has been an absolute pleasure preserving and updating this 100-year-old home, and I am excited to use my skills and aesthetic to help preserve and update another home for those around me and future generations."



Resolution: "More, more, more in 2020!"

1. Read More: Actual paper books. I listen to podcasts and audio books, but it's not the same. 
2. More Meal Prepping: Life is so much easier when I just take a couple extra hours on the weekend.
3. Run More: I love to run. I feel better when I run. But it's one of the first things I cut out if I feel tired or my day gets away from me. 



Resolution: "I'm resolving to reconnect with as many people as possible."

"Every year I make a resolution, with the intent to improve myself (I really do!)  Usually, it's along the lines of becoming a better person - being patient when I'm angry, actually saying nice things rather than thinking them, etc., etc. This year, I've had more exposure to social media than I've ever had (and I'm still terrible at maneuvering it), which has made me aware of how many people I've known and genuinely liked over the years. I barely see or speak to any of them. This year, I'm resolving to reconnect with as many people as possible. I'll probably have to pick up the phone to be honest, because I'm not sure I can successfully do it with an app!"



Resolution: "To begin each day a bit more thoughtfully"

 "My new year's resolution for 2020 is to try to get up a little earlier than usual each morning in order to step outside for awhile before our kids wake up. My goal is to begin each day a bit more thoughtfully."

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