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With Earth Day quickly approaching, we sat down with Becca Wingenbach, Regional Sales Manager at All Energy Solar to learn more about solar panels and how to create a more energy efficient home.

Q: For homeowners in Minneapolis and St. Paul, what is the average cost of solar panel installation?

A: It’s impossible to set a one-size-fits-all price on solar installation. Each property has its own energy needs and design configurations to consider. The only way to find out how much solar panels could cost for your property is to get a custom evaluation. With that being said, on average most residential projects run between $20,000-$40,000.

Q: What are the expected tax savings and/or income earned once solar panels are installed?

A: There are…

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Here at VIBE, we’re all about relationships - from family (did you know our co-founders, Rob and Steve, are brothers?!), to friendships, and everything in between. We know relationships thrive when they are given attention and time and the best way to do both is to invite some people over for a fun event! In fact, we love events so much that we created our Lounge space specifically for hosting. But, just because you don’t have a dedicated event space in your home doesn’t mean you can’t have your favorite people over. We put together a few of our best hosting tips to help you, and your space, shine when you throw your next get together.

  1. Set an intention for your gathering. Why are you getting together? Is it to celebrate someone or a…

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