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Posted by Rob Glynn on Friday, June 14th, 2019 at 11:59am.

Why We Started VIBE 

My brother Steve and I started VIBE Realty in 2018 after just 3 years in the real estate business. We knew we loved real estate - we loved taking care of our clients, we loved negotiating deals, we loved marketing properties and we loved the freedom. But what we didn’t love was the traditional real estate brokerage. The pyramid schemes, all the hidden fees, the nickel-and-diming - that was all not for us. We had worked with agents who were getting 50/50 splits at their “big box” brokerage, paying tons of fees and getting little to no support. We wondered ‘where is all this money going if it doesn’t end up benefiting the agent?’ So we quickly went to work to create something entirely new and different. 

Designed by Agents for Agents

The first step in our process to create VIBE, was the make sure to center it around the real estate agent. And not just the licensee, but the whole person. We looked at everything - from how the agent is treated, what type of support is offered, what the commission/fee structure looks like, all the way to the environment and facility provided. To get rid of the stuffiness of the traditional real estate office, we tapped into our backgrounds in retail and hospitality to create an environment rich in quality, comfort and amenities. From the coffee house feel to the full selection of refreshments, complete with a snack bar, everything at VIBE is designed to keep agents feeling like they belong to the best club in town. And to provide them with a one-of-a-kind experience they can offer their clients to make sure they stand apart from their competition and win the deal - every time.

Driven by Values 

We also knew from our backgrounds that, in order to find the right people, we had to start on the inside - with values. We dove into a lengthy process and reached deep within ourselves to decide what kind of company we would become. Through that process, we decided there were 5 values that everyone at VIBE would need to share - Authenticity, Quality, Innovation, Community and Humanity. We believe that if everyone on our team shares these values, we will be able to create something so different that we would be unrecognizable through the traditional paradigms the real estate industry is seen. And our agents would be rich - in happiness, community and success.

Less is More

We’re not looking to hold licenses and we’re not driven by money. We want a small community of top-notch agents who love what they do and care about their clients. Therefore, we have a limited number of slots on our team and don’t ever want to get so big that we can’t stay true to our mission. 

Interested in Learning More? Let's Talk!

If any of this resonates with you, we’d love to talk more and get to know each other. There will be no pressure - because the only people we want on our team are the ones who really want to be a part of this. But we’d love to invite you in for a coffee or a beer, and see if you #feelthevibe too.


Rob Glynn, President and Co-Founder of VIBE Realty

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