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Hello, and welcome to another market recap, brought to you by VIBE Realty. This is a place where we analyze the Twin Cities real estate market from month-to-month, and break it down to try to better understand what's actually happening in our market. If you've been following along at all, you know it's been getting very interesting, as it appears the market has begun to shift in a different direction. We were anticipating October to bring us some interesting data once the numbers were available, and did it ever...let's examine. 

Normally I would highlight the most extreme change somewhere in the body or towards the end of this, but this time it's really a big deal, so I'll get on with it. One of the biggest indicators of what type of market we are in…

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The old cobblestone roads hint at just how historic our beloved St. Paul is. And with history, there are always stories to be told. Join us as we revisit the history of local properties — including some former residents who might be lurking within their walls.

When it first opened in 1922, the Mounds Theatre was a popular hangout for the locals of Arden Hills to watch silent films.

It seems some might have made it a permanent place to dwell. Tourists have reported bizarre encounters, including a cinema usher strolling the aisles in search of his long-lost love, a child bouncing a ball on stage, and an old man that wails during film screenings

After decades of premieres, screenings, and a few renovations, the theater closed in 1967.

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North Loop: This neighborhood definitely passes the VIBE check. A bustling social scene, amazing drinks, mouth-watery eats... enticing! Check out a list of some of our favorite spots now!

MPLS Farmers Market

Fresh for Fall

A shout out to homegrown, the MPLS Farmers Market has everything to love about all things fresh in Fall. 

Browse pumpkins, honey crisp apples, or other autumnal produce for a backyard bash or home-cooked pie. Open daily 6 a.m. to 1 p.m., this makes for a beautiful and colorful Saturday stroll in the city.

Upstairs Circus

What’s the buzz?

When the weather gets chilly, it’s time to find a hobby. Upstairs Circus is a bar-meets-DIY-workshop with a full menu of cocktails and art projects. 

Our Picks:

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Welcome to the first official recap of the fall season here in the Twin Cities!

Seems like there's so much news going around about the housing market lately. Economic factors like inflation, interest rates, student loan debt and more are sparking questions about where the market is at and where it might be heading. Here in our recap, we rely on the most recent data to help us stay on top of what we're going through, so let's dig into last month's numbers. We don't usually start with the Average Days on Market (DOM), but it was one of September's most notable metrics. In just the span of one month, the average DOM grew by a full business week (5 days), which is its largest climb all year by far. It now sits at 19 days, which is just shy of…
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Everyone has taken their docks out at the lake and we’re all migrating back to the Cities and looking forward to fall as the leaves begin to change. Autumn is in the air here in the Midwest and with fall comes some of the most gorgeous temperatures and outdoor sights! Check out our compiled list for quintessential fall activities that everyone can enjoy.



Check out the local flavors 

The craft beer scene continues to flourish in Minnesota, and fall is the perfect time to sample the flavors. Many breweries create special Oktoberfest, pumpkin and other seasonal varieties, available in taprooms and growlers to go.
Learn More >

Check out a harvest festival

Pumpkin weigh-offs, scarecrow contests, craft fairs and "booyas" are some of the…

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Last month we covered Como Park in Saint Paul, and now we’re hitting the nearby neighborhood of Como in Minneapolis. Its boundaries are East Hennepin Avenue to the north, 33rd Avenue Southeast (the eastern city limit) to the east, the Southeast Industrial Area to the south, and Interstate 35W to the west. This area is also home to numerous spots and creative studios. Check out some highlights of Como below.


Gem Salon 

A cherished neighbor of our VIBE office, Gem Salon recently relocated to Como in Minneapolis! Help them feel welcome in their new digs and check them out in their new industrial space in the FISK Building. They offer modern and cutting-edge hair services, and never disappoint with their client experience.

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Welcome back for another recap of the Twin Cities real estate market! As summer comes to a close, we will be looking to see how the trends compare to last year at this time, and possibly what they can tell us about how the fall season is going to kick off as we enter the final quarter of the year. Let's take a look.

If you tuned in last month, you may have noticed that we witnessed a sharp turn in direction for pretty much every statistic we follow. While a dip in the numbers is pretty typical for summer here in Minnesota, the severity of the turn was a little surprising. Therefore, we were anxious this month to see if that would continue, or mellow out a bit. Turns out it was the latter.

The Average Sale Price peaked in June to the highest we've…

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In honor of the Great Minnesota Get Together (The Minnesota State fair coming up!), we’ve highlighted the nearby area of the Como neighborhood. Located in the Northwestern area of Saint Paul, is best known for Como Park Zoo, the Conservatory and beautiful Como Lake. If you’re looking for a recreational haven in the midst of the city, Como Park won’t disappoint. There are a wide variety of free or reasonably priced activities, services and educational opportunities for residents in the neighborhood and park visitors. Enjoy boat rentals, a golf course, bike paths, picnic areas, sports fields, and pavilions. This area is also home to numerous restaurants where you can kick back, listen to live music, and enjoy your surroundings. Check out some highlights of…

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What’s one thing a Minnesotan always looks forward to? That’s right, the Minnesota State Fair. We never pass up an opportunity to share some hacks and favorite aspects of that fair that our team looks forward to each year. Now you can enter the Great Minnesota Get Together with your A game. Check out our tips and tricks below, along with agent fair favorites.

 Photo Courtesy of MSP Mag


Scope out the food lineup before you go

It’s less overwhelming this way. The Minnesota State Fair website has their food vendors and items listed, and even released a “what's new in 2022” so you can be ahead of the curve and strategically eat your way through the fairgrounds. We’ve included a link below so that you can download the new foods map.
Fair food…

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Whether you love market data or you really don't care for it, there's no denying that it is at least valuable as you approach making one of the biggest financial decisions of your life. If you love it, that's great because you're one of us! For the group that leans towards the latter, don't worry - we've got your back. Our eyes are glued to these numbers stronger than a 90's kid in front of the TV during morning cartoons. This is particularly important in today's market, as we're starting to see some big swings in a different direction than we've had all year. Months long trends reversing, yearly highs, etc...Is this a temporary shift? Is this the new norm? Let's dig into the numbers and see if we can't find out. Let's start with the…
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