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Why We Started VIBE 

My brother Steve and I started VIBE Realty in 2018 after just 3 years in the real estate business. We knew we loved real estate - we loved taking care of our clients, we loved negotiating deals, we loved marketing properties and we loved the freedom. But what we didn’t love was the traditional real estate brokerage. The pyramid schemes, all the hidden fees, the nickel-and-diming - that was all not for us. We had worked with agents who were getting 50/50 splits at their “big box” brokerage, paying tons of fees and getting little to no support. We wondered ‘where is all this money going if it doesn’t end up benefiting the agent?’ So we quickly went to work to create something entirely new and different. 

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We've been in our home for almost a year and a half -- yikes!!!! -- and this summer, I've committed to wrapping up some of my ongoing projects. I love starting projects, the excitement of committing to a plan and coming up with ideas. I'm not so great at finishing them. 

One of those ongoing projects is my office. It has become a dumping ground for things that don't have a purpose or a place and I would really like it to become a functional space for us to use. When you are limited on square footage, you can't be wasting an entire room for junk. And the older I get, the more that clutter messes with my anxiety (it also puts some major stress on my relationship with my boyfriend as I fell in love with a clean freak).  

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Wow. May 10th was a day we'll remember for a long time. Not only did the Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce welcome us in with a bang but we were able to celebrate the opening of our space with some of our closest family, friends and clients. It was perfection and an incredible reminder of how lucky we are -- to do what we love, to be surrounded by people who support us and cheer us on. Thank you.


Here are some of our favorite photos from that night. Please share if you see a familiar face!

VIBE Realty Grand Opening Photos



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I took the first stab at mowing our lawn last week and was overwhelmed by the number of dandelions we seemed to acquire since last year. This is our first full spring in our home and I’ll be honest, last summer was a blur of settling in and taking care of major projects that we barely even had time to address the lawn.

All I know is, there is way more yellow popping out of grass right now.

Inexperienced in lawn care, I just assumed we did something wrong. And let me clarify that. We didn’t do anything at the end of the fall to get our yard ready for spring. So by doing nothing, we must have done something wrong.

So now that spring is here, what the heck should we be doing to combat the problem?

I reached out to Mary Hockenberry Meyer, a…

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Hey. Hi. I’m Lindsay. I’m the director of marketing at VIBE Realty. Perhaps we’ve already met at an event. Perhaps you know me from the Internet. Or in real life. Maybe you don’t know me at all. Whatever brought you to this post, thank you for stopping by.

Besides being my introduction to VIBE’s community, it is also our VERY FIRST blog on our website which is incredibly exciting. My goal over the next few months is to create content you can connect with -- if it happens in your house or around your house, we’ll cover it. Plus we’ll be diving into the communities we live and work in and sharing stories that matter to us.

When I sat down with Rob and Steve back in March to talk about this opportunity, I was enamored by their passion for not only…

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