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Spring finally, finally seems to be here in the Twin Cities and we couldn’t be happier! In honor of the warm weather, we sat down with Katie Novotny, Ramsey County Master Gardener Intern (and sister to our own Liz Novotny) to talk about gardening. New homeowners, novice gardeners and those with the desire to green-ify their thumbs: read on for Katie’s best tips, tricks and resources so your flower or veggie garden will flourish this summer!

Question: When is the ideal time to plant your garden?

Answer: The best time to plant your garden depends on where you live, your planting zone, and what you are planting. You can find out what your zone is at the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map. Here in the Twin Cities cool season crops like peas, lettuce,…

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A variety of images come to mind when I think of the term, “dive bar.” I used to think it had to be a real seedy place that made you question your safety and using the restroom was not maybe the best idea. My thoughts on this have evolved over time and now I think of a “dive bar” as a place that’s not trying to be anything it’s not. They aren’t making a statement with cuisine and they don’t have a cocktail program.

Tapper’s in West St. Paul fits this bill perfectly! Their sign outside advertises them as the “Home of the Coney Island Pizza.” The idea of a pizza with hot dogs, chili and mustard sounds terrible, but honestly? It’s pretty great! The game of the moment is usually on tv and they’ve got a Touchtunes if you like to make your own…

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In 2014, as my long career in the retail industry was coming to a close and I was imagining what
my next chapter would look like, I found myself yearning for a deeper connection to my
hometown of Saint Paul. Seeking local opportunities, I stumbled upon an intriguing group of
people at Fitzgerald's restaurant (now Handsome Hog) one evening. They turned out to be
members of Leadership Saint Paul (LSP), a premier program that cultivates emerging and current
leaders, strengthening the St. Paul/East Metro region. This article recounts my transformative
journey with LSP and highlights the program's invaluable impact on personal and professional

Unveiling the Enigmatic World of Leadership Saint Paul

With curiosity piqued, I approached the group, and…

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VIBE recently hosted Brett Leschinsky, a Senior Loan Officer with CrossCountry Mortgage, to learn how divorce affects real estate transactions. We wanted to find out how different lenders treat divorce situations, discover if child support can be counted as qualifying income and get tips for divorcing sellers and agents. Read on for all that information and more.

Question: Do all lenders treat a divorce situation the same?

Answer: No! This is a great question. Many lenders have overlays on Fannie/Freddie guidelines when it comes to divorce, especially banks. Mortgage companies don’t tend to have these overlays. An example of an overlay is Fannie may allow a divorcing client to purchase a house before the divorce is final, but banks overlay that…

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