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Out with the Old  |  By Lianna Cotant

After opening gifts, eating our fill of delicious food, indulging in a few glasses of our favorite beverage and overloading on family time, many of us are now happy to be back in our own homes, drinking coffee and admiring the…mess?

While it’s true that the end of the year is joyful and filled with warm and fuzzy feelings, it’s also often also filled with stuff. Our homes should be havens, places where we can relax, enjoy friends and family and also places that reflect what’s important to us. If the past year has left your space feeling cluttered, read through these five tips to jumpstart the new year with fewer items so you have more time for what’s really important to you.

  1. Get rid of extras. It…

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It's Been a Wild Ride  |  By VIBE Co-founder Rob Glynn

Five years ago this month, a lifelong dream came true: my brother Steve and I finally started a business together. It's something we had talked about for years and years and, somehow, something I always felt like we were destined for. To partner up, to combine our skills and build something good for the world. Of course, we've had plenty of ideas over the years - from digital lawn care companies to themed liquor stores (good for the world, right?) - but it all came together once we realized our shared love of real estate and helping people.    The big day was preceded by months of late night sessions spent brainstorming and imagining what could be. We dreamed of building a great company,…
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New Year, New VIBE  |  By Lianna Cotant

A space to gather.

A place to build relationships.

A lounge designed with events in mind.

Plus, beer on tap, shuffleboard, snacks and lots of cozy nooks to catch up on work. 

When I joined the VIBE team last fall, I heard rumors about the new office space, how “cool” it would be: all the amenities, the thoughtfulness put into the details, not to mention the location in the Blair Arcade. I wasn’t sure if the new space would truly live up to the hype.

I should not have doubted.

Stepping into the warm offices, filled with natural light, I love grabbing a spot in a booth where I can work and chat as agents come and go. The space is the physical embodiment of the tenants that guide VIBE:…

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