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Christmas sweaters and holiday cheer were in abundance at VIBE this weekend as families gathered, ate, talked and were merry - with a quick break for family photos in our new lounge. Sticky fingers and powdered sugar lips couldn’t keep big grins away as our new space hosted the first of many events.

Kids enjoyed holiday themed crafts, creating bejeweled and glitter-glued ornaments and proudly showing them off. Parents-to-be joined in the fun, capturing one more picture before baby arrives and smiles were cajoled out of even the most scroogelike partygoers.

Holiday Card Ready

At VIBE, we know getting together for a family photo shoot around the holidays can feel like a monumental task, so that’s why we offered free professional…

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Cathedral Hill? Tour the neighborhood where everything is merry and bright this holiday. 

Boyd Park

Address: 335 Selby Ave, St Paul, MN

A Winter Wonderland 

What happens when the first snow falls? You take a stroll in the park to watch the treetops glisten.

At the top of the list to see in Cathedral Hill, Boyd Park is a warm and inviting environment for all ages. The kids can build a snowman or use the many playground amenities like swing sets, slides, and xylophones to play holiday tunes. 

Sip on your choice of hot cocoa or mint-y flavors, as Nina’s Café is just down the block. Get in the spirit and make Minnesnowta memories at Boyd Park, the family will love getting lost in this winter wonderland. 

The Gnome 

Address: 498…

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Looking for some out-of-the-giftbox ways to celebrate the holiday? See who made the nice list below.

GingerBread Wonderland

Great Family Bonding 

Why not build a Gingerbread house? Norway House is hosting a bake off for the most dashing building. And to top it off, this cookie city is open to the public for voting. Gather the family to glue together walls with icing or pick whichever looks like the sweetest home. A staple tradition from Norway, towns from far and wide get the community in one place to show off their creations. 

Grand opening is November 23. Go check out frosty trees, cookie brick walls, and sweet candy cane doors to make this holiday feel more like home.

Address: 913 East Franklin Avenue Minneapolis, MN, 55404 

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Is the market as stone cold as the season? It is true that the pool of buyers is smaller in the winter, and many homeowners follow suit. As temperatures drop, the sun sets earlier, and white blankets cover yards, you might think it would deter buyers. 

But, not the determined ones. Read below and you might just warm up to the idea of selling in such an opportune market. 

  • Foot Traffic: Not everyone is going to trot out in below zero weather for a showing. However, houses on the market at this time of year tend to sell quicker, because there is a surplus of serious buyers. The boot marks up to your door may be few, but in our experience they do mean business. 

  • Corporate Relocations: January is the peak time for corporate…

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Hello, and welcome to another market recap, brought to you by VIBE Realty. This is a place where we analyze the Twin Cities real estate market from month-to-month, and break it down to try to better understand what's actually happening in our market. If you've been following along at all, you know it's been getting very interesting, as it appears the market has begun to shift in a different direction. We were anticipating October to bring us some interesting data once the numbers were available, and did it ever...let's examine. 

Normally I would highlight the most extreme change somewhere in the body or towards the end of this, but this time it's really a big deal, so I'll get on with it. One of the biggest indicators of what type of market we are in…

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