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St. Anthony Park is a treasured neighborhood in northwest Saint Paul, Minnesota. It is adjacent to the University of Minnesota's Saint Paul Campus, bordering southeast Minneapolis on the west, the Minnesota State Fairgrounds on the east, and the suburbs of Falcon Heights and Lauderdale to the north. St. Anthony Park is home to great restaurants and shopping along Como Avenue, and is known to host Music in the Park Sunday Concert Series. Recreational attractions abound, including St. Anthony Park itself, known for the little hill that provides great skyline views all year. Check out our recommended hot spots below.


Lake Monster Brewing

A neighborhood favorite, Lake Monster Brewing is known for unique versions of classic beer styles, putting…

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Let’s put it this way — us Minnesotans don’t take the Minnesota State Fair lightly. With years of tradition behind us, and the 2020 hiatus, it’s safe to say there’s tons of anticipation. We’ve asked our team for their favorite State Fair Hacks, and they’ve been generous enough to share em’. Check out our best kept secrets below, and buckle your ride seatbelts as we prepare for the Great Minnesota Get Together.

*Stay up to date on State Fair COVID-19 updates here.


1. Pre-Fair Tickets 

The first hack is of course related to the ticket sales. Admission during the fair is $16 for most adults, but, pre-fair tickets are $13 for everyone ages 5 and up. Get your pre-fair tickets until 9pm on  August 25th. Not a HUGE savings, but worth it if you’re…

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We know the real estate pattern well, home sales heat up every spring and summer, and then, as the leaves begin to change, the market begins to cool. Conventional wisdom says that the best time to buy and sell a home is in the spring. However, it's worth considering your options of buying or selling in the Fall. Here's 5 reasons why...

Avoid peak real estate season
With fall usually comes the start of real estate’s slower season. Typically, there are less people looking to buy a home in fall, and less people putting their homes on the market. This gives you a leg up in either scenario. If you’re a Seller, your home has fewer homes competing against it. As a Buyer you’ll have fewer people competing against you! As a side note: we have seen an…

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Written by VIBE Owner/Broker Steven Anderson

A New Direction?

We've been eagerly awaiting the results that July would bring us for our Monthly Market Recap. With the constant upslope of the market since spring, we need to find out if the upward trends will continue, or if we will start to see some data that shows them leveling out. Well they're in, and they're interesting, so let's take a look.

We like to look at the Total Units Sold as our initial indicator of the action. This has been climbing consistently since January, but for the first time since then has begun to trend downward. It was approaching 7,000 last month, and has now fallen to below 6,000. This is a pretty large dip, but is actually still above the number we saw for most of spring.

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