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Q&A With MP3 Studio

It's true, we've all been staying home more this past year than ever before, and with that in mind, we’re acknowledging home as a sanctuary while channeling home design and interiors. Being in real estate, we've always appreciated a good eye and tasteful design, so we wanted to gain and share insight from some of the best in the Twin Cities. Read up on our Q&A with President/Senior Designer, Greg Walsh from the internationally recognized design firm MartinPatrick3 Studio. You may recognize MP3 as the sophisticated boutique in North Loop; but aside from their custom suits and contemporary furnishings, they have an on-site interior team that offers mid to high-end residential design services.

"Our space is always evolving, but our…

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Just minutes from downtown Saint Paul, Payne-Phalen is known for its history, outdoor beauty, easygoing character, and vibrant diversity. From the waters of Lake Phalen to it’s notable hole-in-the-walls, this area is good for an afternoon visit and even worth considering relocating to. With it’s excellent location, green parkways, and connected trails—you have fast access to all the metro area has to offer. Looking to scope it out? You’ll find respite outdoors along with great restaurants which we’ve made sure to highlight below.  

Saint Paul Brewing (Previously Known as Flat Earth Brewing)

Saint Paul Brewing is proud to be one of Minnesota’s original craft breweries. Previously known as Flat Earth Brewing, they recently rebranded and still…

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It's 2021, and if you've paid any attention to the Twin Cities real estate market over the last year, you may have noticed that things have changed a bit when it comes to selling a home. There's no question that buyer demand is at an all time high, but pair that with a global pandemic, and you've got yourself quite a chaotic home-selling cocktail.

So what's changed? Well, from a real estate market standpoint, we basically skipped the busiest selling season of the year in 2020. Spring market was gearing up to likely be a busy time for buyers and sellers alike, with lots of listings preparing to hit the market that would have helped balance out some of this intense buyer demand. Then, 'round March, that all changed. Overwhelmingly, sellers…

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New beginnings...

The first month of 2021 is officially in the books! After riding the err...bumpy rollercoaster of last year's market, we look to January's numbers to see what the new data is telling us about how the spring may shape out. There's a reason for the term molasses in January, and if you live in Minnesota, you're probably already aware that it's almost always the coldest month on record here. Turns out, that has an effect on the real estate market as well, because historically, it's a pretty slow month for home sales. Weather-wise, however, this January was pretty tame. Yes - there's a polar vortex coming, but it's February now! All that said, let's look at the numbers to see what they can tell us. New listings went…
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