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Out with the Old  |  By Lianna Cotant

After opening gifts, eating our fill of delicious food, indulging in a few glasses of our favorite beverage and overloading on family time, many of us are now happy to be back in our own homes, drinking coffee and admiring the…mess?

While it’s true that the end of the year is joyful and filled with warm and fuzzy feelings, it’s also often also filled with stuff. Our homes should be havens, places where we can relax, enjoy friends and family and also places that reflect what’s important to us. If the past year has left your space feeling cluttered, read through these five tips to jumpstart the new year with fewer items so you have more time for what’s really important to you.

  1. Get rid of extras. It may…

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It's Been a Wild Ride  |  By VIBE Co-founder Rob Glynn

Five years ago this month, a lifelong dream came true: my brother Steve and I finally started a business together. It's something we had talked about for years and years and, somehow, something I always felt like we were destined for. To partner up, to combine our skills and build something good for the world. Of course, we've had plenty of ideas over the years - from digital lawn care companies to themed liquor stores (good for the world, right?) - but it all came together once we realized our shared love of real estate and helping people.    The big day was preceded by months of late night sessions spent brainstorming and imagining what could be. We dreamed of building a great company,…
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New Year, New VIBE  |  By Lianna Cotant

A space to gather.

A place to build relationships.

A lounge designed with events in mind.

Plus, beer on tap, shuffleboard, snacks and lots of cozy nooks to catch up on work. 

When I joined the VIBE team last fall, I heard rumors about the new office space, how “cool” it would be: all the amenities, the thoughtfulness put into the details, not to mention the location in the Blair Arcade. I wasn’t sure if the new space would truly live up to the hype.

I should not have doubted.

Stepping into the warm offices, filled with natural light, I love grabbing a spot in a booth where I can work and chat as agents come and go. The space is the physical embodiment of the tenants that guide VIBE:…

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Lowertown's holiday sights and sounds don't disappoint and we gathered up our favorites to share with you!

Union Depot 

Address: 212 4th Street East St Paul, MN

Next stop? Union Depot, your one-stop-shop for the holidays. 

Built in 1923, the depot was designed in the Beaux-Arts style and features stunning architecture and elegant details. And, it’s even more stunning this time of year. 

Sparkling lights dangle from trees, as shoppers browse the authentic European Christmas hosted outside of the train station. Small businesses sell knitted caps, mittens, candles and other gifts that make you feel like “there’s no place like home”.

Get on board to warm holiday cheer! The trip to Union Depot is worth it for the crépes, hot chocolate,…

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We've got great ideas for how to keep giving back through the new year.

1. Become a Career Mentor for Single Moms 

Do you remember how tough it was to get your first job out of college or having to explain a gap in your resume? Jeremiah Program seeks career mentors to assist moms who are returning to or entering the workforce. Parenting has taught these moms a thing or two about being a great leader and with your industry insight, thoughtful advice, and support from coaches, Jeremiah moms can launch their new skill set into a new career! Help Jeremiah moms create a robust and unified message of candidates' past academic, professional, and parenting journeys by helping:  

  • Update their LinkedIn Profiles

  • Create Strong Resumes

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Seriously, it's nice and snowy outside. The pretty kind, too — not the muddy, gross kind...

Welcome back to another Twin Cities Market Recap, the largest and most in-depth breakdown of any real estate market in the world. Okay, slight exaggeration, but we do a pretty good job of bringing the latest market information to a digestible level. Speaking of market info, last month we saw some pretty staggering numbers hit the board, and for a moment, everything seemed to be going a little crazy. We'll touch on our thoughts on why in our wrap-up, but safe to say that November's numbers have brought things back into orbit.

While the average and median sale prices have been in decline for five consecutive…
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Christmas sweaters and holiday cheer were in abundance at VIBE this weekend as families gathered, ate, talked and were merry - with a quick break for family photos in our new lounge. Sticky fingers and powdered sugar lips couldn’t keep big grins away as our new space hosted the first of many events.

Kids enjoyed holiday themed crafts, creating bejeweled and glitter-glued ornaments and proudly showing them off. Parents-to-be joined in the fun, capturing one more picture before baby arrives and smiles were cajoled out of even the most scroogelike partygoers.

Holiday Card Ready

At VIBE, we know getting together for a family photo shoot around the holidays can feel like a monumental task, so that’s why we offered free professional…

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Cathedral Hill? Tour the neighborhood where everything is merry and bright this holiday. 

Boyd Park

Address: 335 Selby Ave, St Paul, MN

A Winter Wonderland 

What happens when the first snow falls? You take a stroll in the park to watch the treetops glisten.

At the top of the list to see in Cathedral Hill, Boyd Park is a warm and inviting environment for all ages. The kids can build a snowman or use the many playground amenities like swing sets, slides, and xylophones to play holiday tunes. 

Sip on your choice of hot cocoa or mint-y flavors, as Nina’s Café is just down the block. Get in the spirit and make Minnesnowta memories at Boyd Park, the family will love getting lost in this winter wonderland. 

The Gnome 

Address: 498…

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Looking for some out-of-the-giftbox ways to celebrate the holiday? See who made the nice list below.

GingerBread Wonderland

Great Family Bonding 

Why not build a Gingerbread house? Norway House is hosting a bake off for the most dashing building. And to top it off, this cookie city is open to the public for voting. Gather the family to glue together walls with icing or pick whichever looks like the sweetest home. A staple tradition from Norway, towns from far and wide get the community in one place to show off their creations. 

Grand opening is November 23. Go check out frosty trees, cookie brick walls, and sweet candy cane doors to make this holiday feel more like home.

Address: 913 East Franklin Avenue Minneapolis, MN, 55404 

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Is the market as stone cold as the season? It is true that the pool of buyers is smaller in the winter, and many homeowners follow suit. As temperatures drop, the sun sets earlier, and white blankets cover yards, you might think it would deter buyers. 

But, not the determined ones. Read below and you might just warm up to the idea of selling in such an opportune market. 

  • Foot Traffic: Not everyone is going to trot out in below zero weather for a showing. However, houses on the market at this time of year tend to sell quicker, because there is a surplus of serious buyers. The boot marks up to your door may be few, but in our experience they do mean business. 

  • Corporate Relocations: January is the peak time for corporate…

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