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Mariah Hamm

Photo of Mariah Hamm

Mariah Hamm

At one point, Mariah knew they wanted to get into the realm of real estate, but she thought she didn’t want to be a real estate agent, they’re salesy and out to get money, right?

Then a switch flipped for Mariah and that was WHY she needed to be an agent. There was a complete lack of representation in the market for people like herself (& so many others).

Mariah brings in a strong and vast skill-set from their experiences working for multiple small businesses in the Twin Cities, their Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree, and over a decade of competitive powerlifting (fun fact!).

They are passionate about interior design, thrifting, the Midwest, and helping people become homeowners. Mariah's main goal as a Realtor is to create an inclusive and comfortable home buying/selling process. They want their clients to feel seen and validated from start to finish.

To learn more about Mariah and contact her directly you can check out their website at

Contact Mariah
Cellphone 715.781.0469