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Our Team

Saint Paul VIBE Realty Realtors/AgentsPictured: Dan Schneider (agent), Jaime Klobucar (agent), Matt Bernard (agent), Steve Anderson (broker/co-founder), Rob Glynn (president/co-founder), Timothy Luedtke (agent), Mandy Neuman (director of operations) and Meghan Howard (agent). Not pictured: Paige Kahle (agent) and Stephanie Russell (agent). 

All Our Agents

Angela Anderson

St. Paul native Angela spent many (many) years trying to stay away from…

Photo of Angela Anderson
Broker | Co-Founder

Steve Anderson

Steve is not only one of VIBE Realty‚Äôs founders and owners, he is also t…

Photo of Steve Anderson

Laura Bernard

Laura is an Iowa native, but has called the Twin Cities home for 15+ ye…

Photo of Laura Bernard

Matt Bernard

Matt loves the idea of home. He feels that being a part of finding and …

Photo of Matt Bernard
Agent Experience Manager

Rylee Bonk

Rylee is very much a people-person and has always been interested in he…

Photo of Rylee Bonk

Susan Bonne

Born and raised in St. Paul, Susan has lived in a variety of neighborho…

Photo of Susan Bonne

Karin Doyle

Karin loves helping others. It is something that comes naturally to her…

Photo of Karin Doyle
President | Co-Founder

Rob Glynn

Rob has always been connected to real estate, even before becoming an ag…

Photo of Rob Glynn

Mariah Hamm

At one point, Mariah knew she wanted to get into the realm of real…

Photo of Mariah Hamm

Lauren Henry

Lauren loves helping people, plain and simple.Lauren’s willingnes…

Photo of Lauren Henry

Meghan Howard

Meghan loves the Twin Cities. After nearly two decades of living in nei…

Photo of Meghan Howard

Paige Kahle

15 Years and Counting... Prior to joining the VIBE Team in January 2020…

Photo of Paige Kahle

Jaime Klobucar

Jaime loves the creativity she gets to put into real estate. An agent fo…

Photo of Jaime Klobucar

Kiah Knutson Lee

Kiah’s background is heavy in customer service and she loves work…

Photo of Kiah Knutson Lee

Timothy Luedtke

Tim loves real estate. He loves imagining a home at its full potential a…

Photo of Timothy Luedtke
Director of Operations

Mandy Neuman

Mandy has her hand in everything at VIBE Realty. Her role as director of…

Photo of Mandy Neuman